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Advertising videos encompass all variations of videos that help increase the sales of your products or services. Good advertising videos evoke identification with the featured product and promote trust in your company.

Nowadays, consumers actively seek out high-quality advertising content from brands much more frequently. Therefore, content must be created that the audience truly appreciates and wants to engage with. With the rising popularity of videos, high-quality advertising video content has become an extremely effective tool for increasing brand awareness and promoting lead generation for their products.

The concise and dynamic style of advertising videos encourages viewers to establish an emotional connection with what is being shown. Additionally, in a well-made video, contexts become clearer more quickly than in pure text descriptions, as your product or service is shown “in action”. Thus, watching an advertising video provides a preview of the shopping experience, offering your potential customers clear added value and motivating them to further engage with the product.

Advertising videos can take various forms. It always depends on what you specifically aim to achieve and what aligns with your company. Because only a commercial tailored to your situation, corporate identity, and goals delivers the desired results. Ultimately, the choice of content and style should primarily depend on the following questions:

What is my primary goal?
What does my target audience look like?
What is the core message of my commercial?

Throughout the entire production process, we will focus on addressing these questions to create an effective advertising video that resonates with your target audience.

We are happy to advise you on how to make an impression with your advertising video among your target audience. 

Commercials - key aspects at a glance

1. Powerful components of a commercial

When designing a commercial, you should pay attention to several important aspects to ensure that your film is effective and impactful:

  • Target audience: Only when you know and understand your target audience can you ensure that the film addresses their needs, interests, and preferences. Make sure that the message, tone, and visual elements of the film are tailored to your target audience.
  • Clear message: Die The benefits of your product or service should be conveyed in a clear and compelling message. Capture the interest of the viewers with unexpected elements.
  • Storytelling: A good commercial tells a story that emotionally engages and captivates the viewers. Stories establish a connection to the experiences and needs of the target audience – this way, you build a strong emotional bond and arouse the interest of potential customers.
  • Creative staging: The visual design of the commercial should be creative and appealing to attract the viewers’ attention and motivate them to watch. The use of high-quality footage, appealing visual effects, and an interesting visual language contributes to making the film stand out and remain memorable to the audience.
  • Call-to-Action: Place a clear call-to-action at the end of the commercial. This encourages viewers to obtain further information or purchase the product. A well-formulated call-to-action increases the effectiveness of the commercial and boosts the conversion rate.
  • Results monitoring: Monitor and analyze the performance and effectiveness of your commercial after its release. Using metrics such as viewership numbers, engagement rates, and conversion rates, you can determine if your film has achieved the desired results and make adjustments if necessary to improve its effectiveness.

1.1. Your message is omnipresent

A central aspect of commercials is their ability to convey your company’s message in a memorable and impactful way. By using visual elements, music, storytelling techniques, and emotions, commercials can tell a story that puts the product in the spotlight and resonates precisely with the target audience. These stories can encompass various themes and concepts that present the product in a positive light and motivate viewers to connect with it.

In fact, the message is omnipresent in a commercial and forms the heart of the entire film. Every visual element, scene, and dialogue is carefully crafted to convey your company’s message in a convincing and effective manner.

This necessitates that your message is concise, clear, and engaging to capture the viewers’ attention and pique their interest. It should highlight the core benefits of the advertised product or service and provide a clear value proposition for the target audience.

To get your message across successfully, combine different techniques:

    • Storytelling: Tell a story that emotionally engages and captivates viewers – this creates a connection to the experiences and needs of your target audience and allows you to convey your message in an authentic and compelling way.
    • Visual Design: High-quality shots, appealing visual effects and creative imagery emphasise and reinforce the message of your company or product.
    • Dialogue and language: The choice of words and the way they are used in the film are very important for conveying the message. Catchy slogans, clear statements and convincing arguments get to the heart of your company’s or product’s message and anchor it in the viewer’s memory.
    • Call-to-Action: A clear call-to-action at the end of the film encourages viewers to take a specific action, such as buying the product. By positioning it at the end of the film, it remains particularly memorable.
    how to convey your message

    1.1. Your product in focus

    Promotional films present a product or service in different situations and areas of application – this demonstrates its versatility and benefits for the target group.

    Scenes that specifically present various functions and emphasise special product features show viewers that the product fulfils their needs and requirements and how it can be used in their everyday lives.

    TIP: Identify the product’s unique selling propositions (USPs) and place them at the centre of the film. Emphasise what makes your product different from other products and what advantages it offers.

    High-quality images and an aesthetically pleasing visual language present your product in the best possible light. Pay attention to details such as lighting, colours and backgrounds to ensure a visually appealing presentation.

    Show satisfied customers or experts praising the product and confirming its effectiveness. Authentic testimonials and customer reviews can boost viewers’ confidence in the product and positively influence their purchase decision.

    1.3. Strong impact across different channels

    The classic home of the advertising spot is television and cinema. These media should not be neglected today and are still a promising way of attracting the attention of your target group. You should also consider digital advertising media in highly frequented public places to make your advertising film accessible to as large an audience as possible. And of course, in this day and age, don’t forget about distribution via social media.

    Advertising content can be as convincing as it is – if it is not distributed correctly, the decisive step on the road to success is missing. On social platforms such as Facebook or YouTube, you have the opportunity to precisely narrow down and address your target group. What’s more, every video you put online improves your online presence – and therefore your search engine ranking significantly. Especially if you want to generate leads, you should consider interactive functions such as embedded links or call-to-actions.

    Whether for the website, TV, cinema or social media channels – the use of advertising films is highly effective in many ways, because advertising films can reach a broad target group and achieve a strong impact when distributed via different channels. Through targeted placement and broadcasting, they attract the attention of the target group and increase brand awareness and perception of the product. 

    TIP: As the possibilities for advertising placement are so varied, it is important to clarify in advance of the film production which channels and platforms the advertising video should be optimised for. It is always possible to produce different versions so that the film can be used in a multifunctional way.

    2. Benefits of a commercial

    Thanks to its conciseness and strong impact, the promotional film is a successful means of marketing your product digitally. Promotional films significantly increase the effectiveness of your video marketing and contribute significantly to achieving several business goals at once.

    A fascinating promotional film is perfect for attracting the attention of your potential customers to your product and encouraging them to make a purchase decision. If your promotional film is produced to a high standard and contains an original story, interested parties will be convinced to buy your product.

    Well-produced films are popular. Thanks to their entertaining character, they manage to captivate viewers. A promotional film charges a brand or product with emotion and creates a positive feeling among your potential customers.

    The combination of emotion and entertainment is the perfect way to strengthen your branding and stand out from the competition. Once distributed, a successful promotional video actively works for your company in the long term.

    a well-made commercial:

    2.1. Increase brand awareness

    With a promotional film, you can present your brand to a wide audience and convey your message in an appealing way. Through the recognition value and emotional connection created by promotional films, you can increase your brand awareness and strengthen your brand image.

    By evoking positive emotions, promotional films can help to strengthen your customers’ trust in the brand and thus help to build long-term customer relationships. At the same time, you can use a unique promotional film to attract the attention of new target groups and appeal to potential customers who were previously unfamiliar with your brand. This allows you to tap into new market segments in the long term.

    2.2. Differentiate yourself from your competition

    Well-designed promotional films can help you stand out from your competitors and emphasise your unique selling points. By presenting your products or services in a creative and unique way, you can increase your competitiveness and stand out in the industry.

    Convey your message in an original way – e.g. through innovative effects or unusual camera angles – and make sure to appeal to the emotions of the audience. Empathy, enthusiasm or nostalgia make it easier to identify with your brand and anchor your message in the minds of your target group in the long term. 

    TIP: Humorous promotional videos work particularly well on social media and have the potential to go viral. However, don’t forget the top priority: be authentic.

    An advertising film thrives on being surprising and visually appealing. In general, it is important to be convincing from the very first seconds of the commercial to keep the viewer’s attention and prevent them from skipping the advert. Emotions play an important role here: therefore, surprise the viewer with a bang – then your message will be remembered.

    3. We take care of the production of your commercial from A to Z

    As a full-service video agency, we take care of your video project from conception to organisation and implementation of the shoot, right through to post-production. First and foremost, our team takes the time to understand your video goals in order to develop a video concept based on them that precisely matches your wishes and requirements. You make the final decision at every stage of the project.

    We always make sure to clearly communicate your unique selling points. Viewers should be able to grasp the meaning of your company within a very short time in order to recognise the personal benefits for themselves. Branding, script, storyboard and production plan must therefore fit together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. You are actively involved at every step and have the opportunity to contribute your input throughout the entire process – this is how we ensure that you receive an advertising film that not only inspires your target group, but also yourself.

    Whether real filming or animation, purely informative, unconventional or humorous – we help you to immerse your target group in a fascinating new world that they won’t soon be able to let go of.

    Here you will find more detailed information about the process of your video project.

    Do you have further questions about your advertising film? You can find answers to frequently asked questions here – or contact us personally.
    We look forward to working with you!

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