Explainer videos are an effective and engaging way to present your products, services, or processes to potential customers. They inform and educate specific audiences by using graphics, animations, and simple language to capture viewers’ attention and make complex topics understandable. This versatility makes explainer videos a valuable tool for effectively communicating your message and reaching your target audience.

In recent years, explainer videos have become a significant trend on the internet, becoming an essential part of many companies’ marketing strategies. Their versatility and broad reach contribute to their popularity. By sharing explainer videos on platforms like YouTube or social media channels, companies can quickly reach a large audience—and potentially go viral.

In addition to their effectiveness as a marketing tool, explainer videos provide value to viewers by offering useful information or practical tips. This added value helps position your company as an expert in your field, enhancing your brand’s image and credibility.

Explainer Videos - key aspects at a glance

TIP: Communicate concisely and clearly—your audience often has limited time and usually engages more with brief, condensed content. 

We are here to help you present information in an entertaining and effective video format.

1. Powerful components of an explainer video

The power of videos lies in their ability to engage multiple sensory channels simultaneously. This can create an emotional connection with viewers and leave a lasting impression. To ensure your explainer video is successful, consider the following tips for harmonizing the various components:

  • Convey a clear message. The primary goal or benefit of your product or service should be clearly and succinctly articulated. This helps viewers quickly grasp and understand the content of your video.
  • Use Engaging Graphics and Animations. Visual elements such as graphics, animations, and illustrations play a crucial role in making complex concepts or processes comprehensible. Attractive graphics not only make the video visually appealing but also capture the viewers’ attention.
  • Use simple language. Know your target audience and the level of prior knowledge you can assume they have. Especially when addressing a broad audience, using simple and easily understandable language ensures that your video’s message is accessible to a wide range of viewers. Avoid complex jargon and convoluted phrasing.
  • Maintain a Structured Narrative. A structured storytelling approach involves logically organizing the information in the video, providing viewers with a clear orientation. Dividing the video into a beginning, middle, and end makes it easier for viewers to follow the storyline and grasp the video’s message.
  • Incorporate Emotions. Emotional elements like stories, humor, or music create an emotional connection with viewers and keep their attention. This approach makes the video more interesting and memorable for the audience.
  • Create a Call-to-Action. A clear call-to-action at the end of the video encourages viewers to take further steps, such as purchasing your product or contacting your company.

1.1. Stylistic implementation of your explainer video

With an explainer video, you provide your target audience with an effective way to access new or initially complex content. Even subject-specific matters are conveyed clearly and engagingly with a well-made explainer video. Depending on the audience, the topic is prepared in an exemplary and age-appropriate manner without distorting the message.

Types of Explainer Videos:

1. Live-Action videos feature a real person explaining the content, automatically establishing a natural human connection with the viewers. The choice of the presenter is crucial—a captivating rhetoric alone is not enough! Make sure to choose a person who resonates with your target audience when casting!

2. The most common format for explainer videos is animation. Animated videos can explain complex matters in a dynamic and immersive way that is difficult or impossible to achieve with plain text or static images. Animation simplifies concepts and topics, making them easily accessible through a combination of visually appealing representations and concise language. This makes complex topics comprehensible in a short amount of time. Especially for explaining processes, animations can provide a clearer visual illustration than text alone. This is particularly helpful when explaining the functions of an online product or service.

3. The animation format offers nearly limitless freedom in representation. This allows us to unleash our creativity in designing your animated explainer video. Animation is a flexible and versatile video format that typically involves lower effort and cost compared to live-action shoots. Popular styles for creating explainer videos include:

  • Whiteboard Style: Gives the impression of being hand-drawn in real-time
  • Pictogram Style: Uses shape language to represent content
  • Modern Two-Dimensional Flat Design: Offers a sleek and contemporary look
  • Entertaining Comic Style: Provides a fun and engaging visual approach

We tailor the design style to your preferences, making each of our explainer videos unique.

Implementation of your explainer video

Animated explainer videos often use voiceover, where a separately recorded voice explains the content. Text can also be embedded within the videos, or a combination of voiceover and text can be used.

TIP: Consider breaking your content into a series of shorter videos, especially when conveying a large amount of information. This approach helps viewers process and retain information more efficiently. For live-action videos, multiple videos can be filmed in a single day, saving costs. For animated videos, the effort and cost for creating multiple videos often do not increase significantly, as certain animations may only need slight modifications.

The right choice for your explainer video depends on your communication goals and target audience. We are happy to advise you on the best approach.

1.2. Special form of the explainer video: how to-videos

Very often on the internet, you come across so-called “how-to videos”. These are a special form of explainer videos. Both actually have similar goals: to convey complex information in an understandable way or to provide instructions for certain activities or processes. However, there are some differences between the two formats:

Explainer videos are generally broader in scope and focus on explaining complex concepts, products, or services. They use graphics, animations, and simple language to present information in a clear and easily understandable manner. Explainer videos are often used for marketing purposes, to introduce potential customers to a product or service, or to explain complex topics in an easily digestible form.

How-to videos, on the other hand, are more specific and focus on step-by-step instructions for a particular activity or problem. They can cover everything from cooking recipes to craft projects to computer programs. They are practical guides designed to help viewers perform certain tasks or activities independently. They can also contain graphic elements but are generally less elaborate in design than explainer videos.

2. Benefits of explainer videos

Explainer videos are an extremely effective and versatile marketing resource from which you can benefit in many ways:

  • Clear communication: Explainer videos offer a clear and concise way to convey complex information or concepts. By using visual elements and simple explanations, you can communicate your message in an easily understandable manner, avoiding misunderstandings and increasing clarity regarding your brand and products.
  • Increased Attention: With the increasing flood of information in the digital age, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to capture the attention of their target audience. Explainer videos provide an entertaining and engaging way to captivate viewers’ attention and get them interested in your brand.
  • Improvement of conversion rates: Studies have shown that incorporating explainer videos on websites can lead to higher conversion rates. By illustrating the benefits of your product or service in a video, you can strengthen the trust of your customers and encourage them to make a purchase decision.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Videos have a strong presence in search engine results such as Google. By embedding explainer videos on your website and uploading them to video platforms like YouTube, you can improve your visibility in search results and drive more traffic to your website.
  • Enhancement of Brand Identity: With explainer videos, you can present your brand identity in a memorable and engaging way. Original graphics and value-added information effectively convey your brand values and messages, establishing an emotional connection with your target audience.
  • Cost efficiency: Compared to traditional advertising methods such as television commercials or print ads, explainer videos often offer better value for money. You can produce high-quality videos at a fraction of the cost while reaching a broader audience.

2.1. Leverage the versatile applications of explainer videos

In principle, explainer videos can always be used when something needs to be illustrated to the target audience digitally. Explainer videos are therefore excellent for both internal and external communication, as well as in the B2B and B2C sectors.

Embedding videos on your website is highly effective: Explainer videos are particularly commonly used on the company website. When considering the positioning of the video, the following should be noted to reach the right audience:

If it is a general explanation of the company, it is integrated into the landing page.

However, if a product or service is the subject of the explanation, it should be embedded in the respective product page or service offering.

TIP: Videos on the product pages of online shops also lead to a higher conversion rate compared to products with purely textual descriptions.

Explainer videos are also ideal for your company’s social media channels. Through simple digital distribution, you can make the content of your explainer videos accessible to a wide audience in this way. But beware: your explainer video must be adapted to the length and format requirements of the respective channels! In addition to Facebook, Instagram & Co, video platforms such as Vimeo and especially YouTube are also suitable – after all, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google – positioning videos there has a positive effect on your search engine ranking.

A well-made explainer video:

3. We take care of the production of your explainer video from A to Z

As a full-service video agency, we accompany and support you in every phase of your project – from choosing the appropriate video format to professionally planned and executed video recordings to meticulously crafted videos that effectively and emotionally convey your information.

In an initial consultation, we determine the exact requirements for your video project. Questions we will ask in this context include:
Who is your target audience?
What prior knowledge do they bring?

Based on this, we develop the optimal style for your video. Once it is clarified in which form your explainer video should be produced, we create the storyline along with the script or text overlays and produce a hand-drawn storyboard. This gives you a first glimpse into your explainer video. Based on your feedback, we finally create an animatic, a digital, moving storyboard.

Here you can find more detailed information about the process of your video project.

Do you have further questions about your explainer video? Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions – or you can contact us personally.
We look forward to our collaboration!

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