Here’s how your videos come to life

We take care of the design of your video from A to Z

Videos are an important “flagship” for your company. If their production is not given enough attention, this results in a cheap, unprofessional video and has a negative impact on your entire company, potentially causing a lot of damage very quickly, especially on social media. It is therefore extremely important to plan your video adequately in advance in order to implement your ideas professionally over the course of the production process. 

As a full-service video agency, we will guide you through five clearly structured phases to create your unique film:








To create the best possible video for you, our first important step is to precisely understand your company culture, values, communication goals, and target audience precisely. The first and most important part of any video project is therefore a comprehensive consultation.

Your ideas and goals are the fundamental basis for us. At the same time, we see ourselves as your sparring partner – meaning we don’t just implement your ideas, but together with you, we discuss whether your ideas are really suitable for achieving your communication goal – or whether there might be more effective alternatives. Based on our expertise, we can show you possible paths. However, it is important for us to emphasize: In the end, you decide which path we take because it is your project.

After the briefing, we create our concept ideas with a fresh and experienced external perspective. We remain in constant exchange with you to ensure that we find an optimal representation for your company and your communication goals.

Your target audience plays a crucial role: They are the basis for the general style or tone of your video. Because your film should not only convey mere information but also create an emotional connection with the viewers. Core questions at the beginning of our cooperation will therefore include: 

Who are your clients?
What are their needs?
How do they communicate?

Once you have chosen a concept idea, we move on to the next phase of the project, where we develop a concrete concept from the idea.


Based on the requirements we identified in the consultation, we develop a concept to precisely convey your message. So you have a clearer idea of ​​what your video will ultimately look like, you will receive a storyboard at the end of this step. In addition to a description of the plot, this includes hand-drawn sketches of each scene and, if necessary, the (speaker) text.

This does not mean that every product video must include spoken text – particularly visually captivating scenes can also tell fascinating stories without words. However, these stories must also be defined in writing beforehand – that’s exactly what the storyline is for. It also gives you a first visual impression of what your film will look like in the end.

Once you are satisfied with the storyboard, we plan – in consultation with you – which scenes will be shot where and what and who will be needed on the day of the shoot. For clarity, you will receive a so-called shot list: This is a list of all shots to be taken. This ensures that the shooting process runs smoothly and achieves the desired results. It forms the basis for clear communication as well as efficient time and resource management. Of course, you will receive the shot list with sufficient lead time – because we understand that many things take some time to organize.

It’s important to note: Our plan is precise, yet allows enough flexibility to respond to spontaneous requests or changes.


A shoot requires precise planning. For this purpose, we create what is called a production schedule in advance. This serves as a guide for the daily workflow. So, at every point on the shoot day, it’s clear which scene we’re shooting, where we’re shooting, and who and what is needed in each scene. This ensures smooth and relaxed days of shooting that are enjoyable for everyone involved.

Due to our extensive experience – also in the event industry – we can ensure that our shooting activities will not disrupt your usual daily routines, or only minimally. And very importantly: Our team ensures that even on long shooting days or during great excitement or nervousness, you feel comfortable during the shoot and can present your authentic self. This is especially important for interviews.

Our state-of-the-art equipment and professional lighting ensure that everyone involved is presented in the best light. And of course, we also have makeup on hand to ensure that the people in front of the camera shine only where their performance is concerned.

The duration of the shoot depends on the specific requirements of the video:

Are there multiple shooting locations?
Will employees be speaking or actors?
Should production processes be shown?
Are outdoor shots necessary

By the way: For neutral shots, there’s always the option to film in our in-house studio.


After the shoot is completed, the raw footage enters the post-production phase. This is where your actual film is created. After reviewing all the material, a rough cut, which is the first draft of your video, is created and sent to you for an initial impression. Your feedback will naturally be incorporated into further editing.

If necessary, stock footage or graphic animations in 2D or 3D may be added to demonstrate abstract or complex processes clearly. If a voice-over is planned, we will select the appropriate voice talent together with you. The text will be recorded in the highest sound quality and inserted into the video. Subtitles (in different languages) can also be created if desired. Original animations, suitable music, precise editing, and captivating sound design give your film the right rhythm and a special touch.

If desired, we can create different versions of your video – like a teaser or short versions for use on social media.


Only when you – and we – are satisfied with the final film, will it be distributed in all common formats. We ensure that your video is ready for optimal use in any desired medium.

Yes, we also want to be convinced by your film in the end – because our mission is to create high-quality videos with you and for you, which convey unique visual stories that anchor your message in the minds and hearts of the viewers.

Does this process appeal to you? The start of our joint project is an initial non-binding consultation.

Here is an overview of the most common types of videos that we create for our clients.